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[pdf] F.Y.B.A. Economics.pdf 23.9 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A. English syllabus 2005-08.pdf 39.2 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A. Environment Scinece (2004-05).pdf 78.0 KB
[pdf] F.Y. B.A. Hindi.pdf 41.3 KB
[pdf] F.Y. B.A. Home Science (July 2002).pdf 104.6 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A.Impact of Mordernization on Languge and Literature of Gujarat..pdf 18.0 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A. Indian Culture96-97.pdf 43.0 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A.Political Science.pdf 32.1 KB
[rtf] F.Y.B.A.Political Science.rtf 52.4 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A. Prakrit.pdf 22.4 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A.Psychology (June 2003).pdf 38.8 KB
[pdf] F.Y. B.A. Shanskrit.pdf 80.1 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A.Sociology- (2001-02).pdf 44.4 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A Gujarati 05-08.pdf 33.8 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A History -2003.pdf 46.5 KB
[pdf] F.Y.B.A Statistics (2002-03).pdf 35.8 KB
[pdf] F.Y. Persian 2001-04.pdf 15.9 KB
[pdf] FY BA Economics Syllabus 2007-08.pdf 51.0 KB
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