Dr. Paresh Y. Parekh

  • M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) in 2006.
  • M.Phil. awarded in 2008.
  • Ph.D. awarded in 2011.
  • Awarded Postdoctoral Fellow (2012) in Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.
  • Research Associate (2013), CSIR Scientists’ Pool Officer (2014- 2016)
  • Awarded a two-time travel grant to attend conferences in Japan (2011) and Russia (2018) from DST, New Delhi.
  • Life member of Surfactant Society, Society of Industrial Chemistry and Neutron Society.
  • Nominated and appointed in various administrative and selection committees in VNSGU and affiliated Colleges , Surat.
  • Co-Ordinator of Sophisticated Scientific Instrument Centre (SSIC), Student Start-up Innovation Policy (SSIP), Startup &Entrepreneurship Council (SEC), Idea & Innovation Cell.
  • Acted as Reviewer in many journals from Elsevier, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Published more than 20 papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • As a researcher, I am interested in amphiphiles aggregation and their application in drug delivery, and as a teacher, I am interested in Analytical Chemistry.

Brief Profile

  • Qualification : Ph.D.
  • Experience : 9 Years of Research and 5 Years of Teaching
  • Publications : 23
  • Books : 2
  • Research/Teaching Interest :

My work mainly focusses on Self-assembly of surfactant and Polymer at interfaces and in solution. I used a variety of experimental techniques to investigate block copolymer micelles under different solution conditions. The techniques involved 1H NMR, Steady State Fluorescence, Dynamic light scattering, small angle Neutron scattering, HS-DSC along with several Physio-chemical methods. Solubilization of hydrophobic drugs in polymer micelles as their releasee was examined for the application of these nano-reservoirs in drug delivery systems. Another area of my research involves separation science and technology wherein I work on removal of toxicants such as dyes, PAH etc. using biobased adsorbents as well as employing cloud point extraction techniques using surfactant micelles.

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Dr. P. Y. Parekh

Assistant Professor

Details since 2015

  1. Clouding and hydrodynamic behavior of Triton X-100 in aqueous media in the presence of linear and cyclic glycols, their oligomers and ethers.,Patel, U., Parekh, P., Bahadur, P.,Indian journal of chemistry section A,54A,03,345-350,March 2015
  2. Critical Behavior and Ensuing Phase Separations in Paraben Solubilized Micellar Solutions of Ionic Surfactants. ,Patel, U., Parekh, P., Ray, D.; Aswal, V.K., Bahadur, P., Ganguly, R.,,Journal of surfactant and detergent,19,-,1043-52,July 2016
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  10. Solubilization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in PEO-PPO-PEO type linear and star block copolymers,Chakrabarti, C.; Khimani, M.; Patel, V.; Parekh, P.; Pillai, S.;Mata, J.; Vekariya, R.;Bhadja, P.; Muddassir, M.;,Journal of Molecular liquids,325,-,115177,March 2021
  11. Influence of Surfynol® 104 on aggregation behaviour of Triton X-100 micelles, A. Patel, D. Ray, M. Khimani, J. K. Parikh, P. Parekh, V. I. Patel, V. K. Aswal, P. Bahadur Journal of Molecular liquids 332 (2021)115878-115886.
  12. Unveiling the microstructures of micelles from polyoxyethylene alkyl ether-based multi-responsive nonionic amphiphile, A. Patel, D. Ray, P. Parekh, V. K. Aswal, P. Bahadur, V.I. Patel, Colloid Surface A 630 (2021) 127531-127540.
  13. Pluronics® based Penta block copolymer micelles as a precursor of smart aggregates for various applications: A review, V. Patel, P. Parekh, M. Khimani, S. Yusa, P. Bahadur. Journal Molecular Liquid 372 (2023)121140.
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  15. Self-assembly modulation in star block copolymers by amphiphilic diol: A scattering Insight, A. Patel, D. Ray, P. Parekh, K. Kuperkar, B. Bharatiya, V. K Aswal, P. Bahadur, V. Patel, Journal of Molecular liquid 380 (2023) 121726.

Presentation :
  1. Surface, Aggregation behaviour of Penta block copolymer,Parekh, P.;,V International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics,International,2018,Saint Petersburg

  1. Chemistry Paper-10 Sem-5,Paresh P.;,Popular Prakashan,First Edition,2019,978-93-87554-75-7
  2. Chemistry Paper-10 Sem-6,Paresh P.;,Popular Prakashan,First Edition,2019,978-93-87554-72-6
  1. Major Research Project,
    Title : Multi-Block Copolymers Core-Shell-Corona Forming Micelles: Their Characterization And Utilization As Nano Reservoirs In Controlled Drug Delivery
    Role : Principal Investigator
    Funding Agency : UGC-BSR Research Start-up Grant (No. F.30-429/2018 BSR)
    Duration : April 2018- September- 2020
    Status : Completed
  2. Minor Research Project,
    Title : SANS Characterization of core-shell micelles from chemically modified amphiphilic copolymers as potential nanocarriers for drug delivery systems
    Role : Principal Investigator
    Funding Agency : UGC-DAE
    Duration : January 2018- March - 2021
    Status : Completed
  3. Minor Research Project,
    Title : Synthesis and aggregation behaviour of PNIPAM modified linear and branched block copolymer.
    Role : Principal Investigator
    Funding Agency : VNSGU
    Duration : Decmber-2021
    Status : Ongoing
  4. Minor Research Project,
    Title : SANS Characterization of Core-Shell Micelles from novel polyvinyl caprolactam–polyvinyl acetatepolyethylene glycol graft copolymer
    Funding Agency : UGC-DAE
    Duration : May 2022-2025
  1. Ritika Bhattacharya , Persuing Ph.D.
  2. Pratibha Rajput, Persuing Ph.D.
  3. Tushar Patel, Persuing Ph.D.
  4. JainikaKashiyani, Persuing Ph.D.