Dr. Sushma P. Ijardar

I have been awarded M.Phil degree and Ph.D. degree in solution thermodynamics by the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. After that I have worked on research project entitled “Thermodynamic, acoustic and viscometric behaviour of imidazolium based room temperature ionic liquids in polar organic solvents” funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi under fast track young scientist scheme for 3 years. I joined Central Salt & Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSIR-CSMCRI), Bhavnagar, Gujarat as Scientist in 2011 and worked on study phase equilibria of multi component salt water systems and its applications in recovery of high purity salt from sea water, sub soil brine and saline industrial effluents. I moved to VNSGU as Assistant Professor in Chemistry. I am co-author of 2 book chapters and 36 research papers.

Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Chemical Engineering Data of American Chemical Society (2022-2024)

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  • Qualification : Ph.D.
  • Experience : 14 years
  • Publications : 38
  • Books : --
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I am teaching topics related to Physical Chemistry mainly Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics Chemical kinetics and Electro Chemistry. My research work is related designing and synthesis of Ionic liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents. Study of physicochemical properties of mixture of ILs and DESs with organic solvents. We are also working on Liquid- Liquid Equilibria (LLE) of liquid mixtures and designing of Aqueous Biphasic System(ABS) and their application in extraction of targeted compounds.
ResearcherID : AAU-1482-2021

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Dr. S. P. Ijardar

Assistant Professor

Details since 2015

  1. Influence of anion structure on volumetric properties of dilute binary systems containing carboxylate functioned trihexylammonium ionic liquids in toluene/dodecane, Dasthaiah Keshapolla, Nagaraju Devunuri, Sushma P Ijardar, Ramesh L Gardas, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 391 (2023) 123252, 2023
  2. Partitioning behaviour of dyes in ionic liquids induced aqueous biphasic systems of PPG 725 & ammonium salts, Emmanuel A Oke, Sushma P Ijardar* Separation Science and Technology,58, (2023) 2463-2481
  3. Aqueous biphasic systems composed of alcohol-based deep eutectic solvents and inorganic salts: Application in the extraction of dyes with varying hydrophobicity, Emmanuel A Oke, Sushma P Ijardar*Journal of Molecular Liquids, 375 (2023) 121372
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  5. Insights into experimental and theoretical approach to physicochemical properties of aqueous PEGylated deep eutectic solvents at T=(293.15–323.15) K, Renu Sharma, KJ Jisha, Ramesh L Gardas, Naved Malek, Sushma P Ijardar*, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 366 (2022) 120278
  6. Revisiting the Physicochemical Properties and Applications of Deep Eutectic Solvents; S. P. Ijardar, V. Singh, R. L. Gardas, Molecules 27 (2022) 1368.
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  12. Aqueous biphasic systems of amino acid-based ionic liquids: Evaluation of phase behavior and extraction capability for caffeine,A. Basaiahgari, V.P. Priyanka, S. P. Ijardar, R. L. Gardas*,Fluid Phase Equilibria,506,,112373 ,2020
  13. Insights into non-ideal behavior of double salt ionic liquids with common cation: Volumetric behaviour, Molecular dynamics simulations and NMR experiments,S. P. Ijardar*, A. Saparov, D. Shah,Chemistry Select,4,44,2019,12861- 12870
  14. Understanding the Peculiar Effect of Water on the Physicochemical Properties of Choline Chloride Based Deep Eutectic Solvents Theoretically and Experimentally ,M. Kuddushi, G. Nangala, S. Rajput, S. P. Ijardar*, N. I. Malek*,Journal of Molecular Liquids,607,,2019,607-615
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  1. Study of phase equilibria of novel deep eutectic solvents systems,E. Oke, S.P. Ijardar,19th International symposium on solubility phenomena and related equilibrium process ,International,2021,USA
  2. Study of Ionic Liquid Induced Phase Equilibria of Polymer-Salt Systems for Extraction,E. Oke, S.P. Ijardar,National Conference on Constraints & Challenges in Chemistry,National,2021,VNSGU
  3. Study on the effect of salts on Phase equilibria of Deep Eutectic solvents.,R.Sharma S.P. Ijardar,National Conference on Constraints & Challenges in Chemistry,National,2021,VNSGU
  4. Phase behaviour of Aqueous Biphasic Systems Composed of Deep Eutectic Solvent and Kosmotropic Salts,R.Sharma S.P. Ijardar,XXX IX INDIAN COUNCIL NDIAN COUNCIL OF CHEMISTS,National,2021,VNSGU
  5. Application of ionic liquids as adjuvant on polymer based aqueous biphasic systems,E. Oke, S.P. Ijardar,Chemical Sciences in Sustainable Technology and Development,National,2020,SVNIT
  6. Study of Aqueous Biphasic Systems Composed of Quaternary Ammonium Salt Based Deep Eutectic Solvents (ABS-DES,R. Sharma S.P. Ijardar,Chemical Sciences in Sustainable Technology and Development,National,2020,SVNIT
  7. Liquid-liquid demixing of aqueous solution of ionic liquids in presence of inorganic salts: Phase diagram and application,S.P. Ijardar,"Royal Society of Chemistry India West (RSC-IW)Chapter Symposium and Research Scholar Meet-2019,National,2018,UKA

Books :
  1. “Recapitulation on the Separation & Purification of Biomolecules using Ionic Liquid based Aqueous Biphasic Systems” by E. A. Oke and S.P. Ijardar in Advanced Applications of Ionic Liquids (Elsevier 2022)
  2. “A physicochemical investigation of ionic liquid mixtures” by S.P. Ijardar and R.L. Gardas in Ionic Liquids and Their Application in Green Chemistry (Elsevier 2022)
  3. Applications of deep eutectic solvents in remediation of emerging contaminants by E. A. Oke, R. Sharma, N. I. Malek, and S. P. Ijardar in “Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Deep Eutectic Solvent Fund Emerging Applications” (Elsevier 2022)
  4. An insight in to nearly ideal behaviour of ionic liquid mixtures,S.P. Ijardar,CRC Press, Taylor and Francis,--,2018,978-1-77188-627-7
  5. Application of thermodynamic model for prediction of experimental solubility of alkali metal halides in aqueous organic solvent,S.P. Ijardar, A.Kumar, D.Kundu, T.M. Banerjee, N.I Malek,CRC Press, Taylor and Francis,--,2018,978-1-77188-632-1
  1. Title of the project: 'Designing Novel Aqueous Biphasic Systems Composed of Deep Eutectic Solvent for Ecofriendly”
    Sponsor: VNSGU
    No.: UGC/17158/2023
  2. Title of the project: “'Exploring selective separation of sodium salts using aqueous two phase system composed of temperature sensitive polymer”
    Sponsor: UGC-DAE CSR
    No.: CRS/2021-22/03/566 (2022-2025)
  3. Title of the project: “Thermodynamic, Acoustic and Viscometric Behaviour of Imidazolium based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids in Polar Organic Solvents”
    Sponsor: DST
    No.: SR/FT/CS055/2009 (2010-2013)
  4. Title of the project: “Influence of alkyl chain length of Imidazolium based Ionic Liquids on Physicochemical properties of the Dimeric Surfactants”
    Sponsor: CSIR (as Co PI)CSIR
    No. 01(2545)/11/EMR -II, 2011 (2011-2014)
  1. Phase equilibira of brine systems’ at Central salt & marine chemicals industrial research institute,Training program for salt department officials & salt cluster leaders,CSIR-CSMCRI,8/12/2015
  2. Phase equilibria of aqueous electrolyte systems & investigation by analytical techniques,Journey of Analytical Techniques in Chemical and Biological Science,SVNIT,24/12/16
  3. Aqueous biphasic systems of deep eutectic solvents at 13th national conference on Thermodynamics of Chemicals and Biological Systems organized by RTM Nagpur university October 2023.
  1. Oke Emmanueal A. (Awarded 2023)
  2. Renu Sharma (Awarded 2023)
  3. Sujit Jha Pursuing
  4. Nency Patel Pursuing
  5. Vahista Katarak Pursuing