Dr.Tarulata N. Chhowala

Dr.Tarulata N Chhowala aiming to leverage 23 years of teaching in academia and has been working as an Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry. During her academic career she has supported University Administration by holding various administrative positions like Assistant Warden of University Hostel. Currently She is a co-ordinator of M.Sc. Evening Programme and also serves as a co-ordinator of Day Care Committee and ARIIA, Idea and Innovation Cell. Her area of research work is Organic Synthesis of dyes and drugs, Material Sciences, Catalysis, Nanotechnology, Liquid Crystals and Phytomedicines. Development of bio-active molecules and examination of biological profile against various strains of bacteria. She has put her efforts for developing various bio-active scaffolds with recent concepts of synthetic strategy by collaborative research with other universities. Currently 4 students have been working for Ph.D degree under her guidance. She presented her research work in India and Abroad in National and International conferences. She was honoured for best Oral presentation with Dr. R.P.S Award in the 37th Annual National Conference of Indian Council of Chemists for her research held at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. She has published more than 13 publications and presented research in more than 25 conferences. She is a co-author of two books “Green Chemistry” published by Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai and an author of a book “Synthesis and Application of Metal Complex Dyes” published by PRISM BOOK (INDIA), Surat. She is the Life Time Member of Indian Council of Chemists and Indian Chemical Society.

Brief Profile

  • Qualification : Ph.D.
  • Experience : 17 years and 5 months
  • Publications : 13
  • Books :3
  • Research/Teaching Interest : Green Chemistry, Synthetic dyes and drugs, Material Sciences, Catalysis, Nanotechnology, Liquid Crystals and Phytomedicines.

Dr. T. N. Chhowala

Assistant Professor (Stage-II)
Co-ordinator (M.Sc. Evening Course)
Co-ordinator (Day Care Centre)

Details since 2015

Publications :
  1. A Microwave Promoted Environmentally Benign Synthesis And Spectroscopic Investigation Of Novel Schiff Base Complexes T.N. Chhowala & K.R.DesaiInternational Journal Of Research In Applied, Natural And Social Sciences2811-18,2014
  2. Synthesis and Studies of Eco-friendly Acid Dye Metal Complexes and its Application on Woolen fabrics,T.N.Chhowala and K.R.Desai,J. of Applied Chemistry., 8,I ,5-10,2015
  3. Synthesis of Cu(II) and Ni(II) Azo Complex Dyes, their Application on Silk Fabrics and Screening for Antibacterial Activity.,T.N.Chhowala and K.R.Desai,Int. J. of Science and Research.,4,1,,2015
  4. Crystal structure of N-[(2-hydroxy naphthalen-1-yl)(4-methyl phenyl)-methyl] acetamide,SharanbasappaKhanapure,GajananRashinkar, Tarulata Chhowala,SumatiAnthal and Rajni Kant,ActaCryst.(E -71),E-71,,235,2015
  5. “Ecofriendly” Synthesis, characterization and dyeing of azo based acid dyes on nylon fabrics,T.N.Chhowala and K.R.Desai,J.of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research.,7,3,196-201,2015
  6. Synthesis, Characterization, and Study of various physical properties of Poly cyanurates containing Bis Phenol-A,T.N.Chhowala, B.N.Gamit and K.R.Desai,Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, 2018, ISSN-2349-5162 ,Vol. 6, Iss. 5 ,6,5,,2018
  7. Azetidinone as an important biologically active agent: A review,MayankChampaneriya, Tarulata Chhowala,International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts,8,12,1215-1226,2020
  8. Microwave Assisted Envirocat EPZ-10 Catalyzed Multi-component synthesis of 1- Amidoalkyl-2-naphthols T.N. Chhowala, K. Joshi-Kulkarni and B. Ajalkar Asian Journal Of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry 63204-210,2021
  9. An Efficient Bronsted Acid Ionic Liquid Catalyzed Synthesis Of Novel Spiro 1,2,4-triazolidine-5-thiones and their photoluminescence studies.T.N.Chhowala,V. B. Shinde, P. M. Mhaldar, M. Mirzaei, S.K. Ghotekar, G. S. Rashinkar, D.M. Pore Journal Of Molecular Structure 1249131528,2022
  10. Nano-magtnetic Copper Complexes as Double-Edged Sword Against MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells T.N.Chhowala,S. P. Gajare, P. A. Bansode, P.V. Patil, Taha N. A. Aalhusaini, S.S. Chavan, D. M. Pore, V. M. Khot, and G. S. Rashinkar Biological Chemistry & Chemical Biology 73,2022
  11. Novel Palladium Tagged Ferrite Nanoparticle Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalyst For The Efficient Copper-Free Sonogashira CouplingT.N. Chhowala,S.A. Sonawane, P.M. Mhaldar, D. M. PoreJournal Of Molecular Structure 1269,2022
  12. Novel Palladium Tagged Ferrite Nanoparticle Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalyst For The Efficient Copper-Free Sonogashira CouplingT.N. Chhowala,S.A. Sonawane, P.M. Mhaldar, D. M. PoreJournal Of Molecular Structure 1269,2022
  13. Statistical physics double-layer models for the experimental study and theoretical; modelling of methyl orange dye adsorption on AlMnTio nanocompsiteT.N.Chhowala,M. R. Sonawane, T. N. Chhowala, K.E.Suryavanshi, U. Fagade, I. Mu. Naushad & C. BathulaJournal Of Environmental Science and Health, Part A585447-458,2023
  14. A selective heterogeneous cellulose supported Schiff baseCu(II) catalyst for Chan–Evans–Lam couplingT.N. Chhowala,P. S. PharandeP. M. MhaldarT. R. LoharS. K. GhotekarG. S. RashinkarD. M. PoreResearch on Chemical Intermediates 494541-4560,2023

Presentation :
  1. Remarkable anti-breast cancer Activity of Pyrazolone based Complex with Copper ,T.N.Chhowala K.R.Desai,Innovations and Recent Trends in Drug Discovery Techniques, Radio-labelling and applied Science Research,National,23-24 January’2015,Surat
  2. Comparative Study on Pyrazolone based metal complexes acid dyes applied on wool, silk and nylon fabrics,T.N.ChhowalaK.R.Desai,Recent Advances in Engineering for Sustainability,National,29-30th May’2015,Surat
  3. Synthesis, Characterization and Dyeing Assessment of Environmentally Benign Acid Dye Metal Complexes on Nylon fabrics. ,T.N.ChhowalaK.R.Deasi,Environmental Pollution, Health Hazards and Prevention,National,11-12th December’ 2015,Bharatpur
  4. Synthesis and Characterization of Benign Pyrazole based Acid Dye Transition Metal Complexes and its Dyeing on Woolen fabrics,T.N.Chhowala K.R.Desai,34th Indian Council of Chemists,National,26th-28th Dec’2015,Surat
  5. Synthesis, Characterization of Schiff bases with transition metals and its remarkable study of human anti-breast cancer cell lines. ,T.N.ChhowalaK.R.Desai,Recent Trends in affordable and sustainable Drug discovery and Developments,International,6-8th ‘2016,Surat
  6. Synthesis, Characterization and study of various physical properties of polycyanurates containing Bis-phenol-A,T.N.ChhowalaB.N.Gamit K.R. Desai,Indian Chemical Society,National,27-29th Dec’2016,Vishakha patnam
  7. Synthesis, characterization and study of cyanate esters of Bisphenol-A,T.N.ChhowalaB.N.Gamit K.R. Desai,Indian Chemical Society,National,23-25th 2017,Surat
  8. Studies and Synthesis of Heterocyclic thiazole compounds and their Anti cancer Activities,T.N.Chhowala K.R.Desai Y.H.Talia ,Modern Approaches of Chemical Science and Nanomaterials,International,26-27th Aug’2019,Rajasthan

Book :
  1. Green Chemistry T.N.Chhowala, K.R.Desai, B.D. Mistry, K.K.Ojha,Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai First Edition,2006,
  2. Green Chemistry,T.N.Chhowala,K.R.Desai, B.D. Mistry, K.K.Ojha,Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai,First Edition,2018,
  3. Synthesis and Application of Metal Complex Dyes Dr.Tarulata N. Chhowala PRISM BOOKS (INDIA) First Edition ,2023,
  1. Mahesh. R. Sonawane Ph.D,Study of corrosion inhibition of Brass alloy in Hydrochloric acid: A green approach Pursuing,Oct’2019
  2. Sejal C. Patel-Ph.D,Synthesis and studies of Some Bioactive Schiff bases and their Coordination Compounds Pursuing,Nov’2021
  3. Pooja A. Chauhan-Ph.D,Synthesis Of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds via Schiff Bases Pursuing,July 2023
  4. Parth H. Gajiwala-Ph.D,Synthesis, Characterization of Pyrazole Derivatives And Study Of their Various Applications Pursuing,July 2023