Research as a one of the main core value is taught at department of Interior design. Field of design needs constant exploration and as a part of this we conduct related study program prompting research activity in various field supporting to design. Till now department has visited and documented different cultures and architecture prevailing in India like Pondicherry , Mcleodganj & Dharamshala, kalimpong, Jaisalmer, Sagwara, Dang, Mandu maheshwar to name among few.

Resource Details

  • 2007 Sachin, Surat: Documentation of Fort, Library, Mosque and Local houses.
  • 2008 Mandu, Maheshwar – Madhya Pradesh: Temple Structures, Ghats, Maheshwar Silk Factories and Houses.
  • 2009 Humpi, Badami, Patadakal- Karnataka:Temple Structures.
  • 2010 Gandhi nu Gam, Bhuj- Kutch : Bhunga Houses.
  • 2011 Baaj Village, Dang-Gujarat: Documentation of Tribal houses.
  • 2012 Jaiselmer – Rajasthan : Documentation of Patwa Haveli.
  • 2013 Udaipur- Rajasthan: Documentation of Local Houses and temple Structures.
  • 2014 Rander, Nanawat, Dumas – Surat : Documentation of Colonial furniture and Traditional houses.
  • 2015 Sagwara, Rajasthan :Documentation of traditional Houses.
  • 2016 Pondicherry, Auroville- Tamil Nadu: Documentation of Institutional building and Houses.
  • 2017 Mcleodganj & Dharamshala:Documentation of vernacular houses, institute & Expert lecture.
  • 2018 Kalimpong, West Bengal:Documentation of Gumpha, Houses, Churches etc.
  • 2019 Pangoot, Uttarakhand:Sustainable building Workshop such as Adobe, COB, wattle & daub structure. As well Silent Carpentry, Bamboo & Seed Jewellery workshop.

  • Research Program(Related Study Program)

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