Vibrant and Conducive Atmosphere for Research

The Department of Comparative Literature has been contributing immensely to the field of research since 1991. The Department has made constant progress in the teaching and research of Indian literature and World literature. We have developed a unique identity of our own with regard to the subject, discipline and research method. This Department, that fosters Indian literature and culture, has been making sincere and firm attempts to harmonize with world literature and various cultures and expand its horizon of knowledge and art.
From the beginning, the faculty members have produced twenty five (25) books. The Department has had thirty three (33) M. Phil. And thirty six (36) Ph. D. scholars to its credit, with research conducted in Gujarati literature, Hindi literature, Comparative analysis, Indian literature, Dalit literature, Feminism studies, Ecocriticism and other emerging areas of interdisciplinary research in Humanities. Moreover, to inculcate research aptitude in Postgraduate students, the Department organizes students’ seminars every semester. Under the supervision of respective teachers, students present their term papers based on various topics related to their prescribed syllabus.
The Department has one permanent faculty, Dr Mukesh Vasava, recognized as research supervisor for M. Phil. and Ph. D. programme in Comparative Literature. The faculty is guiding research scholars in a wide range of subjects in Humanities. He has published twelve (12) research papers, five (05) book chapters as well authored one (01) book titled “Bhartiya Navalkathama Prakruti Nirupan”. He has worked on one (01) UGC Minor Research Project titled “Traditional Songs of South Gujarat’s Vasava Community”. He presented research papers at twelve (12) international and twenty two (22) national seminars. Three (03) scholars have been awarded M. Phil. degree under his supervision.
The Adhoc (contractual) faculty members in the Department are engaged in the following research activities. Dr Manish Patel has published ten (10) research papers, two (02) books titled “Bhartiya Sahityama Stree-Purush Sambhandh Samaj Sastrani Drashtiye” (2021) and “Bhartiya Sahityama Stree-Purush Sambhandh Manashasastra ni Drashtiye” (2021) and three (03) book chapters. He has presented research papers in sixteen (16) national seminars. He has also attended one (01) workshop on the faculty development programme. Mr Dipesh Patel has published four (04) research papers. He has presented one (01) research paper at an international conference and attended one (01) national level workshop. Dr Kunjal Lotwala has worked at the Department for two years since 5th Aug 2017, and she has published four (04) research papers that period.
The Department also manages the P.G. centre for Hindi. Its faculties are having the following research activities. Dr Rejendra Chaudhari has published three (03) research papers. He has also presented research papers in one (01) international and three (03) national seminars. Dr Jyoti Singh has published five (01) books. She has also published six (06) research papers, ten (10) book chapters and has presented research papers in two (02) international and four (04) national seminars. Dr Hetal Chauhan has worked at the Department for two years since 5th Aug 2017 and has published one (01) research paper and one (01) book titled “Chamar Gaikal ane Aaj” during that periods. She has also presented papers in one (01) international and three (03) national seminars.

Details since 2015

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  1. Minor Research Project,
    Title: Vasava Jatina Lokgitono Ak Abhayas
    Role : Principal Investigator
    Funding Agency : UGC
    Duration : 09-01-2015 to 16-10-2017
    Status :Completed
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