Dr. Rekha N. Mistry

Rekha N. Mistry took her early education, B. A. with Psychology (Honors) and MSW from, Mumbai University. She has credit of passing UGC NET in Social Work. She pursed P. G. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling and Doctoral Work on career aspirations of youth from M. S. University, Baroda. She is associated with MSW Program, Dept, of Sociology as an assistant professor since 2006. She has attended and presented papers in several conferences, and seminars, she has to her credit of 20+ published papers in various journals. Dr. Rekha has 30 years of teaching experiences in totality (at school and University level) and 10 + years of experiences in research; she has to her credit of four research projects. She is NABET accredited 'A' category Socio- Economic Expert for Environment Management Plan (EMP). She is a life member of professional organization -NAPSWI, CET, and IALSE to mention few. She is an invited member of various academic bodies. She is a columnist in -Gujarat Mitra -local daily addressing Psycho- Social issues of students and parents. Her area of specialization is working on issues of youth and adolescence and gender justice. She is interested in life skills training, and therapeutic counseling.

Brief Profile

  • Qualification : Ph.D. in Social Work
  • Experience : 30 Years
  • Publications : 20+
  • Books :
  • Research/Teaching Interest : Research Methodology, Direct methods of Social Work, Social Policy Environmental Impact Assessment studies, Socio- Economic Studies Gender Justice, Working with Adolescence and Youth , Therapeutic Counseling

Dr. Rekha N. Mistry

Social Work

Details since 2015

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