University Computer Pool

University Computer Pool

The University has a dedicated Computer Pool to provide of central computing facilities and technical services to support the computers and network within the University. The use of computer software to meet the operational and managerial needs of various administrative sections, the Library and all the departments on campus.

The pool manages the central computer facilities including the campus network, the central host computers, public computing facilities such as computers for public access, computers at various administrative sections, library etc. It also carries out assessment of facilities, both software and hardware, based on the needs of its users, and makes recommendations for new facilities as necessary for the enhancement of the existing facilities.

The pool takes care of the pre-examination work and the post-examination work. The major activities in the pre-examination work include generating seat numbers, candidate list, attendance report, internal sheet, hall ticket and generate various statement of all the faculties. The major activities in the post-examination work include result processing and mark sheet printing.

The website is developed by the University. The routine website update and maintenance of the website is carried out by the webmaster from the University Computer Pool.

Every department, section and building of the University has computers and network installation. The Computer Pool takes care of resolving any issues related to the hardware and software installation on the campus. The pool also takes care of resolving the issues related to network and firewall configuration. The issues relation internet connectivity is also taken care by the pool.

The pool handles the web server and local servers for result processing work of the students.

The constitution of the University Computer Pool is as under:

Functionality of Computer Pool

  1. Pre examination work
    - Include Seat No., Candidate list, Attendance report, internal sheet, Hall ticket and various statement of all faculty
  2. Post examination work
    - Include result processing and marksheet printing
  3. Website updating
    - Routine website updating by webmaster
  4. Computer hardware solution
    - Resolve the issue related to hardware and software installation by the Technical assistant
  5. Computer network solution
    - Resolve the issue related to computer network and firewall configuration
  6. Internet related solution
    - Resolve the issue related to internet connectivity
  7. Handling of server room
    - Handling webserver and local server for offline students result processing work

Computer Pool Staff

  1. System Manager
    • Kalpesh Champaneri

  2. Computer Programmer
    • Pallavi Umrigar
      Abhay Patel
      Sandeep Hingu
      Minaxi Tailor
      Nidhi Gajjar
      Nainsi Patel

  3. Computer Operator
    • Pushpa Rathod
      Piyush Patel
      Shrikant Chaudhari

  4. Peon
    • Dipesh Umrigar
      Umesh Umrigar(Ad-hoc)
      Vatsal Rathod(Ad-hoc)

Photograph of Server room