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Department of Biosciences (UGC-SAP DRS-I) is a premier academic and research institute of the south Gujarat region established under the developmental grants of UGC during the IV Five-year plan in the year 1977.  The Founder Head of the department was Dr. B. S. Vaidya and afterward headed by scholars and luminaries like Prof. P. K Hiradhar, Prof. M. H. Parabia, Prof. P. K. Gadhia and Prof. P. V. Desai. Currently, Prof. S. K. Tank is heading the department. The Department of Biosciences imparting education to students at M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph.D. Level with the vision: “To be an institute of higher education by nurturing the learner of life sciences to meet the regional needs and the emerging trends in the global scenario.” Following are the key objectives of the department

     •To offer globally competitive higher education in diverse disciplines of life sciences
     •To permeate good practices for education, research and environmental values in the learners
     •To inculcate research culture in learners with proficiency development


Founder Head of the department- Dr. B. S. Vaidya

Department has well-equipped laboratories with good analytical instrumentation facilities, ShriBapalalVaidya Botanical Research Centre is a part of Biosciences Department has been established in 1994 with donations from thepublic to conduct research in medicinal plants. Department has offers five free studentships for PG students, One research Fellowship for M. Phil./Ph. D. students and two gold medals for topper PG students in Zoology and Microbiology every year from the MinooParabia Endowment Fund. Department also offers three UGC-BSR fellowships every year for perusing doctoral degree


Department profile
Department is multidisciplinary in nature, offering Master degree courses in Bioscience with three different streams viz. Zoology, Botany, and Microbiology. To cater the need of specialization in microbiology in the south Gujarat region, the department has started the M.Sc. Microbiology Self-finance course from 2010-11. Department vigorously involves in the applied research and offering the M. Phil and Ph.D. in Bioscience with specialization in Zoology, Botany, and Microbiology. More than 100 Ph. D. students have been passed out since the establishment of the department. Presently 

Courses Offered by Department of Biosciences
In 2016, the department has completed the UGC-SAP (DRS phase-I) in thrust area of Textile Industry Toxicology. Faculties of the Department have completed several research projects funded by State, National, and International funding agencies like CSIR, DOD, DST, GSBTM, GSECL, ICMR, ONGC, UGC, UNESCO. Department has signed an MOU with Kagoshima University of Japan along with Department of Chemistry and Aquatic Biology in 2012 for academic exchange of students and faculties. Department of Biosciences has currently six full-time faculties i.e. two professors and four assistant professors. Additionally, three Ad-hoc and four visiting faculties are also exerted their inputs the teaching and research at the department. The department has a composite synthesis of such three different branches of Biology. The faculty of the department is specialized in different areas of these fields. The entire faculty will be able to contribute to addressing the thrust areas identified in their own field thereby bringing out comprehensive solutions with strengthening applied research. In last 5 year, the department published the more than 80 research publications in the national and international journals.
Research Publication Statistics

Books and Book chapters Paper in conference proceedings Papers in National and international Journals Citation of research publications Cumulative H-index of the faculties
04 05 73 201 35

Financial Assistance Received during last five year
Department of Biosciences has received the Rs. 30.17 lacs grant under UGC-SAP (DRS-I) in thrust area: Toxicity Evaluation of Textile Industry Effluents for the duration of five year- 2011 to 2016, Additionally, Department has also received the Rs. 20 lacs under the UGC-BRS for the infrastructure development. Faculties of the department are vigorously involved in the research and consultancy and mobilized 29.71 lacs through the research projects funded by the state and national agencies. Additionally, more than 1.84 lacs have been generated by the instruments facility. 

Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration

Amount sanctioned (Rs)

Funding Agency

Dr. M. N. Reddy Cancer cell Migration and saponins
Duration: 2 years: Continue since 11/07/ 2014



Dr. K. P. Patel Effects of coal fly ash on growth and development of some agriculture crops
Duration: 3years: Continue since 03/03/2015



Dr. J. K. Barot Histopathological and haematological alterations in dye exposed fish Catla catla
Duration: 2 Years: 29/01/2014 to 28/01/2016




Dr. P. K. Gadhia
(Retired: 14/06/2013)
Utility of treated effluent water for aquaculture and agriculture
Duration 2009 to 2011



Dr. M. N. Reddy Toxicity evaluation of bone slurry/sludge
Duration 2010 to 2012


India Gelatin Pvt. Ltd.

Associations and collaboration

  1. Department of Biosciences along with science department of the university has signed MoU with the Kagoshima University of Japan for the bilateral exchange of teachers and students, 2012.
  2. Collaboration for research with Noble Institutional University chapter of Noble Institution for environmental Peace, Canada was initiated in 2016.
  3. Department has also carried out research in association of Detox Corporation Private Limited Surat, Jai Research foundation Vapi, and Pollucon Laboratories Private Limited, surat


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