Department of Journalism and Mass Communication


Mass media are important components of our social system. They have a social responsibility of imparting information, education and creation of awareness. They also entertain, motivate and transmit culture across generations. Today the mass media (Newspapers, Magazines, Television and Radio) have emerged as important means of communication and education. Television and Radio cut across the literacy barrier and their reach extends to remote villages and small towns. There is a growing demand qualified journalists in media and communicators in public relations and advertising,
Keeping this objective in mind the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication offers two programmes; a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (from 1986) and an M A in Mass Communication (from 2007). These are full time programmes where lectures, practical work and field work are involved. The course timings are between 10 am to 5.00 pm. There is no provision for doing this programme externally. The Department also offers two research programmes: M Phil and PhD.
Programmes Offered:

  1. M.A in Mass Communication (Self- financed, four semesters)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Grant-in-aid, two semesters)
  3. M.Phil and Phd in Journalism  and  Mass Communication

Number of seats:

  1. M.A in Mass Communication:                             30
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism                 25+10 (higher payment)
  3. M.Phil and Phd                                           As per availability of seats

*Fee Structure per semester:

  1. M.A in Mass Communication                    Rs 20,000 (approximately)    
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism                 Rs 7,000 (approximately)

*Subject to change as per university rules. Exam fees are to be paid separately.

  • To introduce students to the nature, role and scope of journalism and mass communication in India and its relevance to urban and rural development.

  • To impart basic skills to students to equip them to perform entry-level jobs in various media organizations: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and in the advertising and public relations sectors.

  • To orient and train students in mass communication research.


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