University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC)

The University Science Instrument Center was established in 1984 with 4 staff members [1 SSO 3 Technicians] which has now 4 Staff members 3 Adhoc 7 Visiting Faculties.  Despite the basic handicaps, the Department started Diploma Program (PG-Diploma in Instrumentation) of one year. The Program started with the subjects like Instruments Mechanism and metrology, General Electronics and Microprocessors, Measurement, Instrumentation and control, Optical Analytical Biomedical Environmental Instrumentation.   A new program M.Sc. (Tech) in Instrumentation was started in 2004. M.Sc.(Tech) in Instrumentation degree course cater to the skill and manpower requirements of the regional industrial set-ups. Our Department has Mechanical Workshop Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory and Classrooms with full facilities like Over head Projector .The Course structure of M.Sc. (Tech.) in Instrumentation are designed in such a way that students have very good opportunity to get employment in industries. Laboratory work for electronics in the courses for M.Sc. (Tech.) in Instrumentation has innovative “design, build and test type of experiments. Mechanical Workshop gives students an opportunity on various machines which are used in Industries for metal Shaping. Project work is compulsory for the second year M.Sc. (Tech.) Instrumentation students in which student has to make a mechanical or an electrical instrument design for a specific task. Computer lab work is compulsory for students of third semester of M.Sc. program in which students train on C programming, Microprocessors and Micro controller’s .A continuous internal evaluation of students in the form of tests tutorials and seminars / assignments is undertaken. A problem solving approach is followed with a 60 / 40% weight age to theory & problems/applications in all the tests and examinations. The syllabi of various courses have been revised from time to time. Currently new syllabi are being framed along the guidelines of UGCs CDC 2001.

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