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Institution’s Best Practices

1. Admission, examination, result: The students are the most critical stakeholders of the University.
Their prime concerns are the admission, examination and the result. The University has developed
an integrated online system that seamlessly integrates these three aspects.
The student is given unique identification number, through which student can keep track of his/her
progress from admission to final result.

2. Environment Consciousness: Energy conservation and environment consciousness are two
significant concerns for the University. The University has installed roof top solar panels on the
terrace of the various department buildings to fulfil almost 50 % of its power requirement through
solar energy. The University also educates students to save energy, water, cleanliness, plastic free
campus, reuse and recycle of paper and plastic waste etc. for spreading awareness of such sensitive
issues slogans, quotations, notices, instruction, etc. are displayed in the laboratories, library,
department, and on the campus. University has also developed a system for correct disposal of
Laboratory Waste (EN-Clear).

3. Various departments of the university arrange Training Programmes for Soft Skill
Developments to improve employability of the students. Departments also conduct remedial
classes for those who are weak in some subjects to bring them at par with rest of the students in
terms of learning. Experts from the various fields are invited to make students ‘Industry Ready’.

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