Vibrant and Conducive Atmosphere for Research

Research is integral part of every society. At Department we have very conducive atmosphere to develop interest amongst students for research. We have very experienced and esteemed faculties who have published number of research papers in their respective areas has also worked as member of project team, field supervisor, co-ordinator for various projects.

Researches of our faculty :

Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar : Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar is Associate Professor, has 26 years of experience in teaching ( 24 years at graduate level and 10 years at post graduate level). She has published 3 books and 19 research papers in national and international journals. She has presented papers at various national/international conferences/seminars. She has attended workshops/seminars/conferences. She has been invited as resource person for national level seminars.She is research supervisor in the subject of Accountancy/Commerce.

Details since 2015

  1. A Study of Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Store Loyalty of customers of the Organized Retail Store with reference to Socio Economic Status of the Customers.,FalguniMitesh Thakkar,SS International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research ,2,1,21-29,2016
  2. Goods and Service Tax (GST) : An Overview,FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research,2,11,1840-1843,2016
  3. Impact of Globalization on Education,FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Apoorv Knowledge International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,1,XII,7-11,2016
  4. Environmental Accounting and Reporting: Necessary Component of Current Business Strategy,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Indian Streams Research Journal,6,10,1-7,2016
  5. Overview of Vocational Education in India,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Apoorv Knowledge International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,1,XIII,9-12,2016
  6. Demonetization : New Beginning,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Gurukul International Multidisciplinary Research Journal,IV,VI,204-207,2016
  7. Sustainable Development through Corporate Social Responsibility,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development,3,1,83-85,2017
  8. Payroll Accounting ,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,International Journal of Development Research,2,7,11221-11224,2017
  9. Business Ethics: A Need for Business Success ,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Research Matrix, An International Referred Multidisciplinary Journal of Applied Research,8,7,11-14,2017
  10. Role of Professionals in Implementation of GST,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,GST and It’s Implications on E-Commerce , 89-94,2017
  11. Financial Engineering: Factors Leading to it’s growth in Indian Market,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development ,2,3,38-41,2017
  12. Modern Techniques of Cost and Management Accounting,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,Research in Accountancy, 58- 64,2018
  13. A Comparative Study of Financial Statements of National Fertilizers Ltd. and Madras Fertilizers Ltd.,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management,05,01,713-716,2019
  14. Coronavirus and Environment ,Dr. FalguniMitesh Thakkar,International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences,8,1,220-221,2020
  1. ' A Great Teacher can bring a Great change' organised by IARA for International Level FDP webinar series.
  2. CAS: As per UGC amendments organised by SGPM for National Level Conference
  1. Rathi Mehulkumar Mukeshkumar, Persuing Ph.D.
  2. Mukesh Khushalbhai Rohit, Persuing Ph.D.
  3. Gautam Gatakwad, Persuing Ph.D.
  4. Sachin Jain, Persuing Ph.D.
  5. Shehnqzbanu Mansuri, Persuing Ph.D.
  6. Shah Bhumika, Persuing Ph.D.

Our Research Supervisors