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Potency of the DepartmentTesting laboratory (Source of revenue generation)

            The Department of Aquatic Biology has recently developed a testing laboratory accredited by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Govt. of India for the measurement of radioactivity in packaged drinking water. VNSGU is the first University in Gujarat and second in India for this innovative accreditation.


The Department of Aquatic Biology has been rigorously working for skill and personality development of the students. They are exposed to practical and technical environment through their placement and training. Two trainings sponsored by MPEDA (Marine Product Export Development Board) and NFDB (National Fisheries Development Board) were organised by the Department for M.Sc. students. MPEDA training is mandatory to start shrimp farming. NFDB sponsored training at Udaipur was focused for self-employment in the area of aquarium management and ornamental fisheries.


            The department functions as bridge between agencies/ industries and students for employment and careeropportunities.Universitys’cell and faculty members of the Department guides for training themselves for facing job interviews. In 2014-15 67% students got recruited through campus.

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