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Coursed offered
Department of Bioscience was started with the intake of 30 students in M.Sc. Biosciences course in 1977 and presently, the department is progressing with 60 students in M.Sc. Biosciences and 30 intake in M.Sc. Microbiology course. All the courses follow semester pattern and conducting semester wise examination using credit based evaluation. Department practicing continuous evaluation system (CES) and vigorous monitoring of students by formative (seminar, assignments, class test and) and summative (internal and external examination) evaluation. The curriculum of the courses is regularly updated and designed as per the UGC-CSIR NET life science syllabus. Students of the PG courses have flexibility for asection of various optional papers in their course.

Sr. No. Course and duration Eligibility  and Admission  criteria Intake
1 M.Sc. Bioscience
(Zoology/ Botany/ Microbiology)
Four Semesters (2 Years)
B.Sc. Botany/ Bioscience
Admission: On Merit Basis
2 M.Sc. Microbiology (SF)
Four Semester (2 Years)
B.Sc. Microbiology
Admission: On Merit Basis
30 Self Finance
3 M. Phil  (Biosciences)
Four Semester (2 Years)
M.Sc. Biosciences
Admission: Based on entrance exam
Depends on availability of supervisor
4 Ph.D. (Biosciences)
Six to ten Semester (3 to 5 Years)*
M.Sc. Biosciences
Admission: Based on entrance exam
Depends on availability of supervisor

Syllabus- M.Sc. Biosciences (Zoology/Botany/ Microbiology)

 Paper No. Paper Title Course Credit
Bio-101 Advanced Cell Biology 4 Total credit 24
Bio-102 Genetics and Molecular Biology 4
Bio103 Enzymology and Toxicology 4
Bio104 Environmental Biology 4
Bio-105 Practical 8
Practical-I: Cell Biology and Genetics
Practical-II: Enzymology and Toxicology
Practical-III: Environmental Biology
Bio-201 Instrumentation and Techniques 4
Bio-202 Biochemistry 4
Bios- 203 Biostatistics and Bioinformatics 4
Bios (M) 204 Bios (B) 204

Bios (Z) 204

Microbial Physiology
Plant Physiology
Animal Physiology
Bios 205: Practical 8 Total credit 24
Practical-I: Instrumentation and Biochemistry
Practical-II: Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Practical-III: Microbial Physiology/Plant Physiology/Animal Physiology
Semester 3 (Specialization in Microbiology)
Bios-(M)-301 Microbial biodiversity 4 Total credit 24
Bios-(M)-302 Genetic and protein engineering 4
Bios-(M)-303 Fermentation and Bioprocess Technology 4
Bios-(M)-304 Medical and Pharmaceutical Microbiology 4
Bios-(M)-305 Practical Based on Bios-(M)-301, 302, 303, 304 8
Semester 4 (Specialization in Microbiology)
Bios-(M)-401 Research Methodology and Professional Practices in Microbiology 4 Total credit 24
Bios-(M)-402 Omics and integrative biology 4
Bios-(M)-403 Applied Microbiology 4
Bios-(M)-404 Project/Dissertation 4
Bios-(M)-405 Practical Based on Bios-(M)-401, 402, 403, 404 8
Semester 3 (Specialization in Botany)
Bios -(B)-301 Phycology& Mycology 4 Total credit 24
Bios -(B)-302 Virology, Bacteriology and  Plant pathology 4
Bios -(B)-303 Bryology, Pterology and Gymnosperms 4
Bios -(B)-304  (i) Medicinal Plants-I (Elective) 4
Bios -(B)-304  (ii) Plant Biotechnology-I (Elective)
Bios -(B)- 305 Practical Based on Bios-(P)-301, 302, 303, 304 8
Semester 4 (Specialization in Botany)
Bios -(B)-401 Angiosperm taxonomy 4 Total credit 24
Bios -(B)-402 Plant Anatomy&Histo-chemical Techniques 4
Bios -(B)-403 Embryology, Palynology and Paleobotany 4
Bios -(B)-404 (i) Medicinal Plants-II (Elective) 4
Bios -(B)-404 (ii) Plant Biotechnology-II (Elective)
Bios -(B)-405 Practical Based on Bios-(P)-401, 402, 403, 404 8
Semester 3 (Specialization in Zoology)
Bios -(A)-301 Taxonomy, Biosystematics and Nomenclature 4 Total credit 24
Bios -(A)-302 Structure and function in invertebrates and vertebrates 4
Bios -(A)-303 Histological and Functional Aspects of Human tissues 4
Bios -(A)-304 General Fisheries 4
Bios -(A)- 305 Practical Based on Bios-(A)-301, 302, 303, 304 8
Semester 4 (Specialization in Zoology)
Bios -(A)-401 Wildlife and Conservation Biology 4 Total credit 24
Bios -(A)-402 Animal Behavior 4
Bios -(A)-403 Developmental Biology 4
Bios -(A)-404 Advances in Fish Technology 4
Bios -(A)-405 Practical Based on Bios-(A)- 401, 402, 403, 404 8
Total credit of the each course 96


Syllabus- M.Sc. Microbiology (SF)

Semester 1 (Effective from 2014-15)
 Paper No. Paper Title Course Credit
MB-101 Taxonomy,Virology & Cytology 4 Total credit 24
MB-102 Molecular Biology & rDNA Technology 4
MB-103 Bioanalytical techniques and Instrumentation 4
MB-104 Advances In Environmental Microbiology 4
Practical Practicals 8
Semester 2
MB-201 Microbial Physiology 4 Total credit 24
MB-202 Bioinformatics & Other “OMICS” 4
MB-203 Enzyme Kinetics & Technology 4
MB-204 Research methodology, Biostatistics and IPR 4
Practical Practicals 8
Semester 3
MB-301 Fermentation Technology & Bioprocess Engineering 4 Total credit 24
MB-302 Industrial Microbiology 4
MB-303 Immunology & Pathogenesis 4
MB-304 Advances in Pharmaceutical Microbiology 4
Practical Practicals 8
Semester 4
MB-401 Seminar Presentation 4 Total credit 24
MB-402 Report on Industrial / Conference / Symposium visit 4
Practical Review Article 4
Project/Dissertation 12
Total credit of the course 96

Syllabus- M. Phil. and Ph.D. Biosciences

Paper. No. Paper title Subject
Paper 1 Biosciences Paper-I Research Methodology
Paper 2 Biosciences Paper-II Instrumentation & techniques
Paper 3
Biosciences Paper-III (A) Animal Science
(B) Plant Sciences
(C) Advances in Microbiology

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