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Infrastructure and Facilities
Department has a good infrastructure and instrumentation facilities to nurture the student in the field of life sciences. The strength of existing infrastructure at the department is given below. In last five year, 11 M. Phil. and 22 Ph.D. students have passed out and presently 5 M. Phil. and 26 Ph.D. students are working in the department, among them, 13 students have been awarded various national fellowship for their research.
Resources available at the department
E-Books: 337 | Books: 204 | Regional Magazine: 5 | International Scientific Journals subscription: 6
Subscription of Research Journals (i) Biotechniques (ii) The Biochemist (iii) The Scientist (iv) Wiley microscopy and analysis (v) Rheedea (vi) Emerging infectious Disease

Research and pedagogic facilities
Laboratory specific instrument
Sophisticated instruments facility
  1. Four classrooms equipped with projector,
  2. Four research laboratories
  3. Three PG laboratories
  4. Two instrument rooms
  5. Computer laboratory
  6. Microbiology laboratory
  7. Plant tissue culture laboratory
  8. Animal cell culture laboratory
  9. Microscopy room
  10. Seminar hall
  11. Meeting room
  12. Store room
  13. Museum
  14. Greenhouse
  15. Botanical garden
  16. Scanner, printer, Xerox machines
  1. Dry bath
  2. Laminar benches
  3. Orbital incubator shaker
  4. Environmental shaker
  5. Binocular Stereomicroscope
  6. Digital Spectrophotometer
  7. Autoclaves
  8. Table tops centrifuge
  9. Microtome
  10. Muffle furnace
  11. Water baths
  12. pH meter
  13. Refractometer
  14. Refrigerator

  1. PCR
  2. HPLC
  3. HPTLC
  4. Fermenter
  5. Photomicroscope
  6. CO2 incubator
  7. Automatic tissue processor
  8. Automatic hemato- analyzers
  9. Ultra deep-freeze
  10. High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
  11. Double beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  12. Nikon  Microscope with fluorescence attachment and CDC Camera
  13. Carl-Zeiss Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope Model Axio SCOPE-A1

Extra-curricular Activities:
Industrial and nature tours for Students
Conference organization
Training/Workshop organization
Organization of popular lectures etc.

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