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Department of Biotechnology

Deep in the heart of our state, a majestic institution exists. We are honored to be based on excellence and academic standards.

Creating the means to achieve the newer heights in the field of biotechnology for the welfare of the society.

Empowering mankind with the means of biotechnology to prosper

To convey scientific and technological knowledge and information with modern age orientation.

A student with this degree can be absorbed in higher education, academia, research organization & industry.

Message from the Coordinator

Advancement of science and technology and non-judicial exploitation of natural resources due to industrialization have resulted in serious consequences; threatening the very existence of other life forms and mankind. A polluted atmosphere, unsafe water and unpleasant living conditions are giving rise to a number of epidemics taking heavy toll of life on one hand while gradual decline food production is giving a serious threat of famine on the other hand. In our world submerged in multiple problems, biotechnology can emerge out as a sole solution.

Research in the field of biotechnology can help the country carve a niche for itself in genomics, bioinformatics, agriculture and plant biotech, biodiversity, biofuel, antibiotics, etc. Biotechnology is being considered to have the most promising prospect in coming future and its progress can be identified as a boon to the society.

We, at the five years integrated programme in biotechnology are fully aware of the dearth of skilled youth in the society today. Their role in the world as upcoming leaders, scientists or socially aware individuals are grabbing all the eyeballs, the need of the hour being trained individuals with brilliance of mind and competence in work. Our course provides each student with effervescent self-confidence and a burning desire to excel overall with an exposure to a world full of opportunities.

Dr. Gaurav Shah
[email protected]

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