About Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Mass Media play a vital role in the development of an individual, society and the nation. With the rapid growth of mass media in India, education and training of young students in Mass Media Skills has assumed a great significance. The Department provides a comprehensive blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Teaching methods are varied: classroom teaching, workshops, film screenings, quiz, library work, presentations, field work, lab work, and so on. Student enrichment is also done through hands on practical work: radio production, audio-visual production, pre and post production, blog creation, DTP production, social media content creation and so on. All this leads to wide array of employment opportunity to the students in print media, television, radio, cinema, advertising, corporate communication, social media, websites, Government Information Department and NGOs. The programme seeks to foster acquisition of critical thinking amongst students so that they understand the relationship between the production, reception and construction of meanings in all forms of communication.

  • Vision

    1. To develop into a center of excellence in imparting of media education in Gujarat and eventually in the country.
    2. To produce ethical and committed journalists and mass media communicators.

  • Mission

    The Department works to give excellent media education with a combination of practical and theory. The ground work for this is the development of excellent infrastructure and having media experts participate in the academic lectures of the programmes. The objective is to impart media skills to students to equip them to perform entry-level jobs in various media. To encourage research work by guiding PhD students.

Journalism & Mass Communication