About Department of English

  • Vision

    To extend creatively in literary terms the consciousness of life and cultural values in a regional context to that of wider global range and complexity, leading to mutual enrichment and fulfillment.

  • Mission

    To translate in literary terms the richness and complexity of modes of life and modalities of culture of native context, into their global versions for their enriching interface.

  • History

    Established in June 1970 at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, the Department of English has been a pivotal academic institution. The department's rich history includes notable faculty members such as Dr. H. C. Trivedi, Dr. Daxaben Vamdatt, Dr. Indubala Pandya, Dr. R. I. Patel, Dr. N. M. Rao, Dr. F. A. Inamdar, Smt. Indira Nair, Dr. Anjana Desai, Dr. E. V. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Rakesh Desai, Dr. Aniket Jaavre, Dr. G. N. Devy, and Dr. Hutoxi Wadia, who have significantly contributed to its growth. At present, the department has the following as permanent faculties including Dr. Mahesh K. Dey, Dr. Paresh Joshi, Dr. Sunil Shah, Dr. Amit Prajapati, Dr. Rekha Parmar, and Dr. Mihir Mori.

  • Programmes

    The department covers diverse research areas within the humanities. It offers two academic programmes in English: Master of Arts (M. A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.). The Department offers core courses like the History of English literature, Multidisciplinary Courses including Drama and Psychology, Novel and Psychology, Drama and History, Novel and History, Literary Criticism and Theory, Indian Writing in English, Literary Forms (Novel, Drama) and World Literature in Translation. It also offers optional courses like Women’s Writing in English, English Language Teaching, Indian Literature in English Translation, New Literatures in English and American Literature (Novel, Poetry).
    The coursework of the Ph. D. programme  consists of three courses : Two core content courses in Research Methodology, Modern Literature and Literary Theory and one optional content course in Translation Studies/English Language Teaching.