About Department of Fine Arts

The department of fine arts is one of the recent additions to the academic programs of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. It offers a bachelors degree program in fine arts, making it possible for the artistically inclined youth of today to perceive a specialist programmed in the field of visual arts.

The department of fine arts in the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University started in 2006 initiated by late Shree Jagdeep Smart. The bachelor’s course consists of four year of study involving both theory and practical. The curriculum is designed to meet the need for a variety of skilled personal in the fine arts and other creative fields. Through interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches, classes emphasize the primacy of visual literacy in the formation of the engaged, humanistic individual. Focusing on undergraduate learning, faculty work closel with students to guide them in their respective areas of interest. Our curriculum comple ments and intersects those of many departments at the University.

The multiple possibilities of the field of fine arts have been kept in mind while designing the courses of specialization of such as painting, sculpture and applied arts it also involves subsidiary subjects as print making, photography and ceramic & pottery with a view to bring about all round development of students. The department also organizes group discussions, debates, technical workshops by experienced faculties/renowned artists, screenis art movies & organizes study tours across India.

The development of fine arts Hs the requisite infrastructure consisting of studios, workshop area, computer lab and library. It provides a creative ambience for those committed to the world of imagination & creativity.

  • Vision

    BACHALOR OF FINE ARTS’s vision is to make students more skillfuland passionate about what they doing.

    Our students are developing a broad range of their own visual art skills as well as a deep understanding of pedagogy.

    Our faculties bring to their classrooms artistry that inspires and explore abilities that help the students to develop and hone their skills in art and be mentored in pedagogy classes.

    Our program is divided among research, practice, and discourse. Students are asked to take academic classes to encourage them to develop a language with which to discuss what they are doing; they are asked to keep up a dedicated studio practice where they are pushed to fully engage their interests; and they come together with this language and studio work for regularly scheduled critiques.

    our program allows for the graduate faculty to engage with students on an individual level, and to encourage work that comes out of a personal vision rather than any overarching philosophy of what art should be.

  • Mission

    Teaches a disciplined approach to the study of art that encourages students to develop their own (Way of working methods) styles that blend their talents, technical skills and creative aspirations with professional knowledge.

    Enlists a dedicated and very able full-time and part-time faculty of career artists and scholars who are professionals and whose success as educators comes from their ability to teach students through the wisdom and skill they have combined through years of experience and study.

    Operates in an urban context so that academic programs can draw upon and contribute to the cultural wealth of those communities that are served.

    Provides a creative environment that is at once supportive and challenging and underpinned by excellent personalized teaching and support services that address the needs of students of diverse ages and backgrounds.

    Offers an undergraduate general education program designed to stimulate development of critical thinking and communications skills and to encourage emerging artists to draw upon a variety of disciplines, to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to cultivate the ability to function as educated global citizens.

    Learning in a wide spectrum of disciplines in art.

  • Values

    We believe in quality and excellence in creative, learner-centered education. We believe that serving our students is our priority.

    We believe that education is a partnership between the school, the faculty, and the student that requires open communication, personal responsibility, integrity, and active participation.

    We support the creative diversity of our students and share in the development of their artistic and academic potential.

Department of Fine Arts