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Submission of New Project Proposal

  1. Principle Investigator (PI) shall fill the application form in prescribes format of funding agency along with required supporting document
  2. PI shall submit a three copies of research proposal along with Annexure 1 forwarded by head of the department to Research Cell.
  3. Through Research Cell Annexure 1 along with the research proposal shall be signed by Registrar
  4. One copy of Annexure 1 along with the research proposal signed by registrar shall be kept in Research Cell and other copy shall be return to the PI
  5. In case of on line submission form required undertaking or other required document can be also processed as described step 1 to 4
  6. Research Cell shall maintain the record of all research proposal submitted by various faculty member centrally.

Acceptance of Sanctioned Project

  1. On receipt of sanction letter from the funding agency and the first installment of funds of a new project, the Office Research Cell will allot a project code no. and communicate the same to the PI and other concerned offices immediately. This number must be referred to in all correspondence relating to the project/scheme.
  2. Once the PI or the funding agency informs the Office of the Registrar that the funds have been sanctioned and likely to arrive soon, a proactive effort from Finance Office is required to track the arrival of funds in the bank and inform the PI and Research Cell so that work can start immediately.
  3. The effective date of implementation of the project shall be the date of first expenditure in the project or as defined by the funding agency

Opening the joint saving account for the project

  1. There is a repeated demand by project sponsoring agencies for opening a separate Savings Bank Account or interest earning account for each project. It has now become essential to show interest earned on the project fund, and returning the interest so earned to the Funding Agency. Next installment of grant is not released unless the said conditions are fulfilled. Also project fund transfers are now being mostly done by PFMS or RTGS and not through cheques. Dedicated saving account is must for easy execution of the project
  2. Once grant is received the dedicated saving account jointly operated by the signature of any of two of following shall be opened in the bank
    Chief account officer
  3. Account shall not be operated in online mode only online access to view bank transaction can be used for monitoring the transaction.

Process of staff recruitment in the project

  1. Appointments of the project staff in the project should be made strictly for the position mentioned in the budget or in sanction order of the funding agency.
  2. The emoluments payable to the project staff should be as per rules and instructions of the funding agency. The HRA is payable only where the candidate is not availing any hostel/govt. accommodation facility and there is a provision of payment of HRA in the sanction order.
  3. While making the appointments, it may be ensured that Ad-hoc appointments are valid for a period of three months and thereafter all appointments are made through the approved Selection Committee. Before the expiry of appointment period, PI should advertise the post and further appointment is made through selection committee.
  4. All positions approved by the funding agency under the project will be filled in after due advertisement at the VNSGU web-site and through notifications about the vacancy/vacancies sent to at least 10 institutions in the relevant discipline of the country as per the Performa in Annexure 2. All advertisements must also be displayed on department/faculty notice boards.
  5. Recruitment can done by inviting application or by walk in interview mode.
  6. Preferably 21 days duration shall be given for submitting the application or for conducting walk-in interview from the date of advertisement

Selection of staff

  1. All appointments on the approved research staff positions under a project/scheme will be made through interview by a Selection Committee constituted for the purpose as given in the Annexure 3. Once constituted the selection committee will remain valid for a period of one year
  2. In case of invited application Short-listing of applicants to be called for interview will be made by the PI (and Co-PI, if applicable) and a précis of candidates called for interview will be prepared as given in Annexure 4. For walk in Interview also précis of candidates shall be prepared as per Annexure 4.
  3. No TA/DA will be payable to candidates appearing for interview, unless specifically provided for under the project/scheme
  4. Interview dates must be decided in consultation with the member of selection committee and interview letter mailed to the applicant well in time in case of invited application mode. The details of Interview shall be also kept on VNSGU website.
  5. After interview minutes and recommendation of the Selection Committee meeting shall be recorded as per preforms in the Annexure 5 and 6.
  6. PI shall send the minutes and recommendation of the Selection Committee along with the following document for approval by registrar.
    A. Grant sanction letter
    B. Full advertisement placed on VNSGU website.
    C. Copies of the précis showing the bio-data of the candidates who had applied for the position/s.
    D. Selection committee proceedings
    E. Mark-sheets and other relevant documents of the selected candidate
  7. After getting approval from the Registrar selected letter of appointment as per Annexure 7 shall be communicated to selected candidate
  8. When selected candidate accept the appointment and join his/her duty the joining letter as per Annexure 8 shall be taken and copy of joining letter shall be forwarded to Research Cell and finance department.Monthly release of fellowship/ salary of research personal
    At the end of every month the attendance report (Annexure- 9) and salary bill (Annexure- 10) of research personal shall be submitted to finance office for release of salary.

    Terms and conditions of Appointment for research personal

    1.       All appointments on projects are contractual and can be made only if the position is explicitly sanctioned by the funding agency. The emoluments payable to any of the appointees will be as per the sanction given by the funding agency.

    2.       All appointments will be co-terminus with the project.

    3.       Other Terms & Conditions of appointment should be as per funding agency / University guidelines. The applicable terms and condition shall be mentioned in the appointment letter and while joining undertaking for shall be taken from candidates.

    4.       In case the positions are not explicitly mentioned, the P.I. will make specific proposal about positions and emoluments, keeping in view the original proposal and sanction of the grant.


    The leave rules will be as per funding agency guidelines. If no norms are specified the following leave rules will be applicable

      • Fellows are entitled for a maximum period of 30 days of leave in a year in addition to public holidays.
      • They are not entitled to any other vacations.
      • The leave due can be carried over to the next year however, not more than 90 days’ leave can be accumulated at any time during the tenure. Of this not more than 30 days can be availed of at the end prior to completion of the tenure of Project
      • Candidates are eligible for maternity/ Paternity leave as per Govt. of India norms issued from time to time at full rates of fellowship once during the tenure of their award.For the filed work/ sample collection/ visit to library/ Visit to another institution or any other visit for project work and participation in scientific events/ workshop in India and abroad will be treated as on duty with prior permission from PI

TA, DA by Research personal, PI and other experts

  1. TA, DA shall be paid according to funding agency guideline, if norms are not specified by the funding agencies University rules will be applicable
  2. The research personal / PI are eligible for TA / DA as per VNSG/Gujarat government rules.
  3. Travel under the Research Projects is allowed for the following
    A For data collection related to projects to PI/Co-PI/ Project Fellow/JRF/SRF
    B For visiting Libraries, institutes within the country to collect information
    C For attending Conference / Seminar / Workshop / Training Programme etc., if Permissible by the funding agency for presenting a paper.
    D For inviting subject experts for the selection committee
    E For inviting other experts to discuss the project work
    F For attending midterm reviews of the project
    G No International Travel is allowed unless specified by the Funding Agency
    H TA on actual basis to cover filed / site visits, meeting outside the university and the participation in conferences /seminars / training programmes/ workshops etc. within India be paid to the team members of the project.


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