About Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics laid down its foundation jointly with the department of statistics and later on established as a separate PG department in the university campus. Department has taken the leadership to implement PG courses in the field of Computer Science. The Department is well equipped with computational facilities and library. The five full-time resourceful faculty members actively engage in research. Core areas of the research are Numerical Analysis fluid Mechanics, Megneto-hydrodynamics, Approximation Theory, Computational Techniques, Applied Functional Analysis, Number Theory, Bio-Fluid Dynamics, and Optimization Techniques. The students of the department are actively participates in the various academic and co-curricular activities indicates our scientific excursion.


    The vision of Department of Mathematics is

    • to produce leaders in Mathematics at institutional, state and national level
    • to become a leading department in the country
    • to establish reputation as a centre for research and teaching in mathematics

  • Mission

    In pursuance of our vision, Department offers its programme through well designed curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Theseimpart positive and lasting impact on our students so as to equip them with the conceptual understanding, computational skills, and persistent disposition required to use reasoning and analysis effectively in their personal and professional lives.
    In fulfilment of our vision, the department creates an environment where the students and faculty can continue to grow as teachers and scholars, while providing public and professional service.We also aim to promote opportunities for close interaction between students and faculty, both within and beyond the classroom, including student mentoring and research opportunities.

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Department of Mathematics