Psychological Guidance and Counselling Center

Psychological Guidance and Counselling Center

Life is filled with competing demands and keeping life in balance is a challenging task for students in this era. Students often need help and guidance to explore inner strength, to improve mental health and to reestablish their goals. To help and to guide our students, we have psychological counseling center at VNSGU campus. The center provides a safe environment to help students cope up with increasing challenges of life & explore better possibilities with better understanding.  This center is built around the idea to provide students sound guidance throughout their academic journey & to help them positively improve their mental health. We work with students in a safe and non- judgmental way. We respect students’ uniqueness and at the same time help them to resolve personal concerns. We are available to help students with any problems they may be experiencing.


Our ultimate aim is to enhance students' self-awareness, build psychological resilience, self-esteem and increase students' ability to be successful in their life.

  1. Personal counselling
  2. Group counselling.
  3. Online counselling.
  4. Psychiatric services.
  5. Group addressing on a topic such as know your personality, self-image, emotional quotient, subconscious mind, our thought and our lives.
  6. Common counselling concern such as anxiety, depression, sadness-loneliness, self-esteem, hopelessness, self- confidence, relationship issues and anger issues
Toll-free helpline service
VNSGU Toll-free No: 1800 2333 011  
Jeevan Ashtha Toll-free No:  1860-266-2345, 1800-233-3330, 0261-6554050/60/70/80  (24x7) 

Sr. No. Advisory Committee Member
Dr. Kishorsinh N. Chavda       Vice-Chancellor, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
VACANT  Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
Dr. Jaydip Chaudhari I/C. Registrar, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
Dr. Rudresh Vyash, Associate Professor, M.T.B Arts College Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Athwa lines Surat-395001
Dr. Mukul Choksi, 205, ‘Sankshewar Complex, ‘G’ tower opposite Raymond show room, Majura gate Surat

Counselling Programme for the University Students

Sr. No. Nature of Event Time Schedule
Positive Psychology. 2nd Week of February
Mental Health. 1st Week of March
How To Deal with Anxiety? 3rd Week of April
Motivate yourself. 1st Week of May
Draw A Map Of Your Life. 3rd Week of June
Deal With Your Dreams. 2nd Week of July
Self- Esteem. 4th Week of August
Emotional Maturity. 3rd Week of September
Contact :
Dr. Rudresh Vyash, 
Associate Professor & Co-ordinator,
Psychological Guidance and Counseling Center,
M.T.B Arts College
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg,
Athwalines, Surat-395 001
Email : [email protected]