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Research Facilitation Center

State Government the Education Department`s Resolution No. of Budget-1220 N.B. “341 KHA” dated 02/03/2021 for start Ph.D. Facilitation Center along with Rs. 9,00,000 grant with the appointment of One Research Advisor and One Statistical Analyst. Under which Veer Narmad South Gujarat University formulated a committee of three members. Respectfully dated 06-07-2021, The Vice-Chancellor recommended that the walk interview keep the qualification for appointment and the appointment procedure from the appointed committee. This appointment was announced in the National News Papers on 14-08-2021. Also, on 17-08-2021, walk interviews of the research advisor facilitator and statistical analyst were held. In walk-in-interview, for the position of Research Advisor Facilitator the selection committee Selected Dr. Sunilkumar Pankajkumar Bhavsar and Mr. Ramya Manojbhai Boria (Not Joint the duty) for the position of Statistical Analyst were appointed based on Syndicate Resolution No. 18 on a tentative basis till 31-03-2022 along with the one office assistant.

Budget Details

The government has made the budget provision of Rs. 9,00,000/- to each state government university. As per the resolution of the state government's education department for starting a Ph.D. facilitation center, a total of Rs. 1,20,000/- accolated for the Administrative expenses including Rs. 50,000 / - for stationery, furniture and Rs.70,000 / - for I.T. infrastructure has been allocated. One computer and printer have been procured from the given budget for the Ph.D. Facilitation Center.

Objective of centre

To provide help, support, and possible guidance to Ph. D. Research Scholars with regard to various aspects of Ph. D. program as consistent with Ph. D. ordinances and other procedural compliances.


• To provide support in research methodology and assist in instrument operating for Ph.D. students.
• To Provide Data Analysis service to Ph. D. Students.
• To help in improving the research quality of research students.

Facility and Workspace

• A printing and scanning facility is available at the center.
• At present, Ph.D. Facilitation Center is located in the Research Center building, in Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.
• Ph.D. Facilitation Center is virtually connected with research students to benefit from Research Advisor and online information is available at
• A researcher can come to the research center or take online assistance via mail to send their research query and guidance from the research advisor.
• Ph.D. Facilitation Center also assists in the university`s central instrumental facilities for research students who want to use sophisticated instruments.
• A researcher can also take help in data analysis with various statistical software. Ph. D. Facilitation Center also provides various referencing tools and grammar editing software
• License software available at the center are Grammarly, Endnote and Ref-n-Write and Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) for Pre-registration coursework
• Online UGC’s Pre-registration coursework for Ph. D. course work was conducted in 2021 and 2022. Two batches as been completed their Pre- Ph.D course work.

Committee Member List

Sr.No. Member's Details
1 Dr. Rajesh Patel
Dept. of Bioscience, VNSGU, Surat
2 Dr. Gaurang Rami
Dept. of Economics VNSGU, Surat
3 Dr.Pareshbhai Patel
Dept. of Chemistry VNSGU, Surat