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Sr No Project Co- Ordinator Sponsored by Year
1 S.C Jain O A survey of pace and pattern of lending by Gujarat Industrial Co- operative Bank Indi Corp, Bank Surat. 1973-74
2 S.C. Jain O Block level Planning in Valsad taluka  Govt.  Of  Gujarat 1977-78
3 S.C. Jain : A sociological study of Agricultural problems of farmers. Indian Council of Social
Science Research (ICSSR)
4 S.C. Jain  : Block level planning of Uchhal taluka  Govt. of Gujarat 1979-80
5 S.C. Jain :  Social input in Area
Development :Surat District.
UNICEF 1980-81
6 S.C.Jain: Improving Beneficiary participation and Employmentlevel of low-income household throughextension approach to rural housing programme University Grant Commission India(UGC) 1981-82
7. S.C.Jain: An impact study of high yielding cotton HY 4 on Rural Employment University Grant Commission(UGC) 1981-82
8. S.C.Jain: Low cost Housing Demonstration Department of Rural Studies 1982-83
9. S.C.Jain:Area Skill survey of Bharuch Govt. of Gujarat 1982-83
10. S.C.Jain: Integrated Rural Development Programme of Bardolia taluka. Govt. of Gujarat 1982-83
11. S.C.Jain: Integrated Rural Development Preogramme of Uchchhal taluka. Govt. of Gujarat 1982-83
12. Dilip Shah: General performance of Banas Dairy. Indian Institute of Public Opinion(IIPO),New Delhi 1983-84
13. Dilip Shah:General performance of Mehasana District milk productin Union Indian Institute of Public Opinion(IIPO),New Delhi 1983-84
14. K.C.Sharma: Assessment of Animal Development programme Husbandary. ICSSR, New Delhi 1983-84
15. S.C.Jain: A technology Gaps in the processing of assessment a Minor Forest Project. Rural Technology Institute, Gandhinagar 1984-85
16. S.C.Jain: The Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. IRDP & NREP projects 1984-85
17. S.C.Jain : Demonstration and Training in selected items of appropriate technology. Department of Science and Technology 1984-85
18. Dilip Shah: Analytical Assessment of Gujarat Co-operative milk Marketing ICSSR/IDS INDO-Dutch project 1984-85
19. Dilip Shah: Dairy Assessment of Banas Dairy Plant. ICSSR/IDS/1984-85 INDO-Dutch Project 1984-88
20. Dilip Shah:Dairy Co-operativization as an Instrument of Rural change: a case of Surat district ICSSR, New Delhi (Indian Council of Social Science Research) 186-88
21. Dilip Shah:Rural Energy/Agricultural Interactions: A case study of Gujarat State. IGDR/RBI/ICRD and S.G.University,Surat. 1988-90
22. V.K.Madalia: Agricultural profile of Surat District. Gujarat Agricultural Commission 1988-89
23 Dilip Shah:An Enquiry in to Rural Indebtednessof Rural Labour with Ref. to Guj., M.P. and Rajasthan. National Rural Labour Commission-New Delhi 1990-91
24. K.C.Sharma: A study of Integrated Rural Development programme with special reference to TRYSEM Scheme in South Gujarat Region. Indian Council of Social Science Research(ICSSR), New Delhi. 1990-91
25. Esha Shah: Texonomy Dietary Health and Biotic Baselines Survey around Kakarapar Atomic Power Project. National Power Corporation(NPC) 1990-91
26. Dilip Shah: A study of Cultural factors in Development of Tribal village of South Gujarat in India. East-West Centre, USA 1992-93
27. Dilip Shah: Culltural Factors and Tribal Development(Second field study) ICSSR, Delhi 1996-97
28. Dilip Shah: Entry of Private Dairy Operators and ts impact on milkshed of Gujarat. National Dairy Development Board(NDDB) 1996-97
29. Dilip Shah: Private Dairy Intervention in post MMPO period in Baroda City. Indian Institue of Rural Management(IRMA) 1996-97
30.  Dilip Shah: Transport communication and Rural Changes in Gujarat National Institute of Rural Development(NIRD) 1996-97
31. Dilip Shah: An Economic Transformation of Rural Economy of Gujarat – An exploratory study, minor research project:UGC UGCunder Minor Research Project Grants. 1998-99
32. Dilip Shah: An evaluation of CAPART sponsored projects(60)+ CAPART,West Zone,Ahmedabad. 1999-03
33. Dilip Shah: Quiet Rural Revolution in Vansda – A success story of BAIF NGO CAPART, New Delhi 2000-01
34. Dilip Shah: Impact of Poverty Alleviation prog. on below poverty line(BPL) families of Gokul gram  Villages of Surat. Ministry of Rural Development-Govt. of India, New Delhi. 2000-01
35. Dilip Shah: Socio-economic impact Analysis of Forestry schemes in Tribal,Districts of Gujarat(05 Projects) Dept. of Forest, Gujarat State 2001-02
36. Dilip Shah:Mid Term evaluation of water shed development project in Gujarat(100)+ Commission  of Rural Development , Gujarat State 2000 till2007
37. Dilip Shah : Second evaluation of Sustainable Tribal Development NABARD 2004
38. Dilip  Shah and Vipul Somani:Concurrent Evaluation of Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojna : Field study in selected district of Gujarat. Ministry of Rural Development of India, New Delhi 2004-05
39. Dilip Shah: Sustainable Tribal Development Model Wadi NABARD 2005
40. Dilip Shah and Vipul Somani: District level Monitoring & Rural Development Programme Dept. of Monitoring Ministry of Rural Dev. New Delhi 2000-07
41. Dilip Shah and Vipul Somani:District level Monitoring of total Sanitation Programmes and Swajal Dhara. Dept.of Drinking Water and Ministry of Rural Development 2005-06
42. Dilip Shah and Vipul Somani: A Varification Assignement of Nirmal Gram Puraskar. Dept.of Drinking Water, Ministry of Rural Development 2006-07
43. Dilip Shah: Mid-term evaluation of water shed project in selected Districts of Gujarat State Commissioner of Rural Development-Gujarat 2003 to 2—7
44. Vipul Somani:”Census Survey of Vadnagar Village” Ambuja Cements Limited,Mumbai 2005-06
45. Vipul  Somani:”Food Securityin Nandurbar District of Maharashtra: Sustainable Approach. University Grants Commission(UGC) 2005-06
46. Vipul Somani and Others:Baseline survey reports of adopted villages of Valsad Tribal area. University Grants Commission(UGC) 2005-06
47 Report on Social Audit of Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited (GIPCL)’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities through Development Efforts For Rural Economy And People
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