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University Registrar

Dr. Jaydip Chaudhari

Tel. Off.: 0261-2227141 to 46
Email : [email protected]

As a registrar (I/C) I take pleasure in putting before you the growth and development of the university. The university which caters to the remotest district of the South Gujarat and to many of the first generation learners, has over time built a generations catering the vivid needs of the society. The university set it’s foothold in the year 1965 with the State Government’s Act. It has to date catered to many of the first generation learners. The range of courses offered by the university have succeeded in building academic and social capacities among the cohort. In tune with the changing world the University has facilitated the citizens and the students in particular by becoming IT Savvy. Much of the examination and administrative set up is now in the e-mode. Online examinations, online meetings among other functions of the university, are now the order of the day. The continuing changes along with the times is now becoming the order of the day. This could be seen again with the certifications of the university for the standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015