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Library Utilization Policy


A. The timings for the University Library will be as mentioned below.

From Monday to Friday
Morning 9-00 to Night
Saturday and Sunday
Morning 10:30 to
Evening 5:30
Public Holidays
Morning 9: 00 to
Afternoon 1:30

B. On the below mentioned public holidays, the University Library will remain closed.

1. Makarsankranti
2. Republic Day
4. Independence Day

The holidays are inclusive of Diwali vacation as decided by the University.

C. Every year from 1st June to 31st July , the timings of the library will from
morning 10:30 to evening 6:30
During this time ,the library shall remain closed on every Sunday and on
2nd and 4th Saturday.

2.Library Members:
The below mentioned persons are eligible for membership after filling in
the application form duly signed by the concerned authorities.
2.1 The present and past members of Senate and Syndicate and the current members of the University authorities
2.2 The Dean of all faculties , heads of University departments, and Faculties.
2.3 The Teachers serving as visiting faculty in VNSGU Departments
2.4 The faculty members teaching in the PG departments.
2.5 The principals, faculties and Libraries from VNSGU Affiliated colleges.
2.6 The university employees associated with teaching.
2.6 A.The technical staff serving in VNSGU
2.7 The post graduate students from Post graduate departments and the External students of the university.
2.8 The M.Phil and Ph.D Students registered students of the university.
2.9 The citizens who are enthusiastic in reading ( those who are not students)
2.10 The research institutes situated within the periphery of VNSGU. For this type of organizations , one study card will be issued per Organization and only one representative per organization will be allowed to make use of the library at a time.
2.11 Any person will be able to avail any one type of membership only.

3. Reading Hall:
3.1 Admit Card:
As mentioned in Rule No. 2, all members who have availed membership will be able to make use of the reading hall and an admission card will be given to each member.This admission card is non- transferrable. During the time of the renewal of membership, the admission card has to be returned or else Rs. 20 will be charged as fine.
3.2 Visitors Card:
Those not the members of the library, can take the permission of the Librarian and make use of the reading hall for a short time. After availing the permission from the librarian , they will be issued a guest card in which they have to fill the required information and on the completion of the time period the card has to be returned back to the librarian.
3.2 Family Admit Card:
3.3 The family members of the University staff will be able to utilize the library for which they will need to fill the family admission form for the library .

4.Issue and Return Department:
Reference books, Manuscripts, study books, Journal ,magazines, will be issued to the members in the limit as mentioned below. The books have to be returned in the mentioned duration.

Membership Books Time limit to
return the book

Members under all categories who are issued the magazine will have to return it within 7 days.
4.1 The librarian is the final authority to take decision whether a particular book or magazine should be permitted outside the library for reading or not.
4.2 The permission to extend the time limit for returning the book shall be decided by the Librarian.
4.3 Before taking the book outside the library, every member should check the condition of the book. If the book is not in the proper condition, it should be the concerned person or the librarian. If this is not reported at the time of issue, then the person who gets the books issued will be responsible to replace a new copy or pay the amount as decided by the librarian.
4.4 If any person looses the book, then he will be responsible to give back a new copy or pay the fine as decided by the librarian.
4.5 The borrower has to sign the book card for the books that are to be borrowed or before sending the receipt of the books borrowed, no book should be taken outside the library.
4.6 If any book required by the member has been issued to any reader ,it can be only be reissued to the concerned person after it is deposited back in the library. For this an application has to be made in advance. When the required copy is back in the library the concerned person will be informed.

5. Library Deposit:
Before becoming a member, the amount mentioned below should be maintained as reserve.

1. 1. PG Students
2. M.Phil/ Ph.d students
3. For general public
Rs.1000 – Rs 200/-

5.1 In order to get the reserved deposit amount back ,an application has to be made.The candidate has to return the tickets, admission card and the Library fees receipt along with the admission form. The amount will be refunded via money order to the address mentioned in the application. No amount will be refunded in person.
5.2 If the application for refund is not made within one year,then the amount will be forfeited.
5.3 If the fine amount for the late submission of fees exceeds the library reserve fees then the Reserve fee will be forfeited.
5.4 The member has to first pay the amount due,only then the reserve amount will be returned.

6. Reader’s Ticket:
As mentioned in Rule 4, the number of tickets will be issued in accordance with the books and magazines to be issued. While borrowing the book the reader has to do a specimen signature on the ticket and will also have to sign the card while borrowing the book.
6.1 The tickets for borrowing books and for borrowing magazines will be separate. One book will be allotted on one ticket and one magazine will be issued on one ticket.
6.2 The member who has been issued the reader’s ticket will only be able to make use of it.The ticket is non- transferable.
6.3 If the reader’s ticket gets lost and in such a case if the reader requires a duplicate ticket , then he has to apply for the same and pay Rs. 20.The new ticket will only be issued to the reader after a proper scrutiny.
6.4 The book that is issued on a particular ticket and in case the ticket gets lost, then it will be the responsibility to return back the book will be of the member who holds the ticket.
6.5 For the renewal of the membership, the member has to return back the tickets of the previous year and in case of loss he has to pay a fine of Rs. 20 per ticket.

7.Fine for the books that are returned late:
If the book is returned later then the prescribed time limit, then the M.Phil, Phd students and the citizens will have to pay
Rs 1 as fine per day after the return date.

8. Other common Rules:
8.1 All the members have to fill in the required details in the register while entering the library.
8.2 No markings, photography of the reading material, micro films can be done .The pages of the books should not be folded and no damage should be done.The reader will not be allowed to write or draw anything in the reading material. Misusing other user’s E-mail address
8.3 If the member finds any defect/damage in the reading material then he has to inform the librarian regarding the same . If the information regarding it is not provided at that moment then the reader will be have to bear the loss.
8.4 No copy of any manuscript or map will be allowed to be made without the permission of the librarian .No tracing of any pictures or diagrams should be made from books.It is the duty of the reader to return the borrowed books in proper condition.If the reader causes damage to any of the books or property of the library or looses then he will have to pay the fine as decided by the committee.
8.5 No will be allowed to talk or discuss anything in the library.Silence has to be maintained in the library. No disturbance should be created to the members who are reading.Members should not chew tobacco in the library and should not consume any intoxicating drugs or make use of the mobile..The librarian holds all rights to take actions against the person who creates indiscipline.

9. Newspaper and General Magazine hall:
9.1 After reading the newspapers and magazines in this hall, they have to be put back at their respective places.
9.2 Last two issues of any magazine or weekly will be allowed to carry outside the library.
9.3 Newspapers will not be issued to read outside the library

10. No dues certificate
10.1 The deans of various faculties of the university, the heads of varied departments, heads of self-finance departments, heads of university affiliated colleges will have to inform the librarian if any of the employees is going to quit the job. Before the employee leaves the job it is essential for the employee to receive a “No dues certificate” from the library.
10.2 If any of the employees leaves the job without paying any of the library dues or returning the book, then the Head has to make arrangement regarding the repayment of that amount from the payment that has to be given to the employee.
10.3 If the student fails to deposit any of the book to the library on time or if any fine amount is pending then the registrar will be informed regarding the same and the students result and mark-sheet will be withheld. Migration will also not be issued. The library due will be recovered from the hostel deposit .
10.4 The warden of the hostel should be ensured with a “No due certificate” from the Librarian to get the refund of hostel deposit .

11. Rules regarding the use of Thesis and Dissertation:
11.1 The use of thesis and dissertation has to be made in the library.
11.2 Permission will not be given to get it photo –copied.
12. Special rules for reading room to Students pursuing research:
12.1 These seats will only be reserved for the students pursing research work , M.Phil, Phd.

13. Individual Library for Post- Graduate Departments:
13.1 If the PG Department wishes , it can establish its own Departmental library. For this purpose the books from the University library can be issued with the recommendation of the librarian.The Head shall be responsible to take of the books.
13.2 It shall be the responsibility of the HOD to see that the issued book does not get lost or else a fine has to be paid.
13.3 At the end of 2ND term in each academic year , the books issued by the university library has to be checked and the certificate regarding the same has to be given to the university librarian.
13.4 It shall be the responsibility of the HOD of PG Department to return back a well maintained copy of the lost book or pay a fine to the university library.

Note:1. A Copy of the Library Rules will be available in the Issue and Borrow Department
          2. It shall be the responsibility of the Member to check the rules regarding the library.